Sunny, my little pony was diagnosed with acute laminitis nearly 18 years ago now.

Below is the ‘treatment’ Sunny was given 18 years ago….& this advice & treatment is still being given TODAY.

– 24/7 box rest – indefinitely
– deep bedding in case P3 (pedal/coffin bones) came through his feet
– Bute
– heavy heart bar shoes (previously never had shoes) indefinitely 
– x-rays monthly
– no improvement PTS

No advice given about DIET.

Over that 18 years I have educated myself through research

, hands on practical experience….reading, reading, reading…travelling to different countries to learn more, meeting & training with mentors….& then teaching others, holding workshops, seminars & lectures.

Over that 18 years what changes were made to the vet school studies/text books/teaching of barefoot/diet/laminitis? Barely any!

What vets do for laminitis today:

– more & more invasive treatments such as resections (removing hoof walls)
– remedial shoeing with all kinds of different types of shoes/wedges/rockers
– confinement/no movement/deep bedding
– blood tests for Cushings
– drugs given such as prascend & bute
– no improvement PTS


I was a Science teacher but my character is one where I dig & dig & learn & learn. Lucky for Sunny because he’s happy

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, healthy, sound & with great feet today!

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Barefoot isn’t just about taking the shoes off, it’s about learning how to keep horses safe

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, sound & healthy in this very challenging domestic environment.

Sunny says Hi!  ❤️


, Editor