10 ways to keep your barefoot horse healthy

Here’s the BHM’s top 10 things to do to keep your barefoot horse healthy and sound

  1. Take the shoes off! – ok bit tongue in cheek but seriously though this is top of the list
  2. Find a qualified barefoot hoof specialist who is 100% dedicated to keeping horses barefoot
  3. Have your horse’s feet trimmed every 4-6 weeks and be guided by your barefoot trimmer if the trim cycle can go longer
  4. Learn as much as you can about a species specific diet for a horse
  5. If grass is a large part of your horse’s diet then think of ways of how to restrict the fresh green stuff but keeping your horse happy and moving at the same time
  6. Following on from number 4

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    , if you have too much grass that your horse isn’t interested in eating hay, then think about tracking (read up about track systems in the mag)

  7. Find yourself a good hay supplier and feed 24/7 mixed species hay – good quality non dusty hay – but absolutely NO RYE. If you want to feed wrapped hay, again make sure there’s no rye and that the feed is not too moist – the dryer the better as it takes a bit longer to eat and digest – hay is way cheaper than vet bills!
  8. Keep your horse on the move, keep them entertained by putting piles of hay about their paddock/track in as many different ways as you can think of and your wallet allows – the more piles they have to go off and investigate the more they’ll move
  9. Start filling your shelves with great barefoot books – see our top 10 barefoot books page for the ones we heartily recommend
  10. Don’t feel alone in your barefoot world…go find others on social media…even better buy the BHM and become part of BHMBud

    , our very own private social network to keep you connected to Barefoot Horse Lovers all over the world.

This list isn’t exhaustive but it is fairly critical – a happy owner = a happy horse!