31 days of horsey ideas

Sometimes we run out of inspiration week by week, month by month, so here is our 31 days of horsey ideas to keep you and your barefoot pal entertained

Day 1 – Sit down with a cuppa and make a plan to do a little bit of exercise every day with your horse

Day 2 – Check out our Reader’s Tips and decide to follow one or two of them

Day 3 – Read at least one article every day for a week from the BHM (of course!)

Day 4 – Go through your tack and decide what you REALLY need and give the rest to a horsey charity

Day 5 – Make a date with another barefoot horsey mate and decide to do something together – either virtually or in person

Day 6 – Go take some great pics of you and your horse and send them to the mag

Day 7 – Time to sit down and relax in your horse’s paddock with a book…take a chair and a cuppa and just chill together

Day 8 – Start making some notes about your own barefoot journey

, to turn into an article to share with the mag

Day 9 – Spend an hour (or few) browsing the BHM website and take part in the BHMBud private social network

Day 10 – Develop a simple chart/table to fill in every time your trimmer visits – e.g. weight tape measurements, hoof meter readings, photos each trim

Day 11 – Decide on one thing you would like to learn to do with your horse, research it and start practising a little bit every day for 10 days

Day 12 – Corner off a part of your horse’s paddock or go into an arena if you can, set up some obstacles and start playing with your horse

Day 13 – Make a list of your top 10 things you would like to achieve with your horse…and then start on number 1

Day 14 – Start writing that article that you started making notes on back on day 8

Day 15 – Half way there! Go for a ride or a walk with your horse for half an hour to an hour every other day

Day 16 – Take time out every day to spend at least an hour just chilling with your horse

Day 17 – Go check out the back issues of the BHM and choose one to read online or in print

Day 18 – Spend half a day doing some fun exercises with your horse and go play with those obstacles

Day 19 – Invite a non horsey friend over to see your horse and go out for a walk together

Day 20 – Think of a top tip that you could send to the mag, take a pic and send it to us

Day 21 – Set yourself a 7 day challenge for you and your horse to do – repeat it every day for 7 days e.g. trailer loading

Day 22 – Go find some flappy objects and see if you can get your horse used to them e.g. umbrella, flags, plastic bags

Day 23 – Do a ‘parts of the horse’s body‘ quiz by getting a friend to point to areas on your horse and see if you know them

Day 24 – Read the TMJ article in issue 18 and then look up about horse’s teeth and find out more about them

Day 25 – Come up with 5 amazing facts about your horse and send them to the BHM

Day 26 – Take part in one of the competitions in the latest issue of the mag to see if you can win a prize

Day 27 – Spend a couple of hours organising all your horse stuff to make it all easy to find or just chill with your horse

Day 28 – Find out from your trimmer the best and safest way to pick up your horse’s legs and check their feet and practice for an hour

Day 29 – Decide to save up for a course you’ve always wanted to do with your horse or for your horse


, find out about it, book it and start saving

Day 30 – Nearly there! Lend a copy of the BHM to someone you know will appreciate it (and will give it you back)

Day 31 – You made it! Just go chill with your horse!

If you really did do any of these challenges then well done, if you just read them for amusement then at least you enjoyed yourself!

Come up with your own 7 day, 14 day or 31 day challenge and send it to the mag…start a trend!