Benefits of an Annual or Quarterly subscription

Taking out an Annual or Quarterly payment plan means that you never need to worry about missing every new issue of the magazine!

You’ll be notified as soon as the new issue is released and it will automatically be either posted to you hot off the press or placed in your ‘My Account’ dashboard for you to access online.

You SAVE too! What could be better! When you subscribe you benefit from a lovely discount off the retail price which means you keep up to date for a lower price!

You can subscribe Annually or Quarterly then you will:

  • choose your subscription either Print, Online or be cheeky and have BOTH Print & Online
  • fill out your details and away you go!

Remember the Annual & Quarterly payment plans are the same price, the quarterly just means it’s spread across the year in 4 payments. Both Annual & Quarterly subscription payments are set to auto renew until you cancel.

What are the PRINTED magazines like?

In a word – GORGEOUS! Honestly wait till you get your hands on a copy and you’ll see what we mean. No expense has been spared during our design and printing processes and what you will have in your hands is a sumptuous mag worthy of any coffee table.

The quality is second to none and you won’t find another horsey mag on the high street which is even in the same league…yep we know we blow our own trumpet quite loud but we think we all deserve it! No more flimsy see through pages…oh and you won’t find it absolutely stuffed with irrelevant ads too…oh no we don’t do that! Our ads are hand picked for barefoot horse lovers just like you and they don’t drown the mag.

So if you want to grab yourself a printed copy then you can either buy one just to try it out and then if you like it come back and take out a subscription so you never miss an issue or just dive in and subscribe now.

What do I get if I choose an ONLINE magazine?

Are you thinking of viewing the mag online? When you buy the online magazine you get access to the mag from absolutely ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET – so if your on your hols or just away from home

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, in the office, at your mates, in the loo, in bed (ahem)…you’ll never miss an issue!

And there are some fringe benefits too of taking out an online subscription – you get access to ALL the issues of the mag that have ever been released…er did we just say all of them…yep we did – ALL OF THE BACK ISSUES! So you can spend a ton of time dipping in and out of your favourite mag whenever you get bored or whenever you need a just a little bit of inspiration or a big smile and hug from your virtual BHM family.

You can take out a subscription to receive your online mags and that means you’ll never miss an issue – EVER – or you can just go buy one or two or three (or however many you fancy but top tip…it’s cheaper to subscribe!).

Oh and some people like to go the whole hog and take out a Print & Online subscription which means they get the mag in a lovely gorgeous printed mag (to show all their mates, leave in the tack room…sneak it in front of the vets etc etc) AND you get to view it online too with all the back issues!