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Our Advertising Ethos – advertisers for the barefoot niche

At The Barefoot Horse Magazine we made a conscious decision from the beginning not to be a run of the mill magazine overloaded with often quite irrelevant adverts and leaving not an awful lot of room for editorial. So we decided to turn this around and have much more editorial with only a few carefully selected advertisers.

We especially love businesses who came into existence purely because of the popularity and rise of Barefoot and Natural Horse Care. If you are such a business and would like to advertise in the BHM then come on down!

Magazine advertising

We offer full page, ½ page and ¼ page adverts for businesses and we also have a section for trimmer’s to advertise too! We offer discounts to those businesses or trimmers who decide to take out more than one ad e.g. take out a run of ads annually.

Social media advertising and newsletter exposure

We have a very popular and high engagement Facebook page, another great place to advertise your business. We can offer organic posts on our social media platforms or we can harness the power of Facebook and Instagram advertising for you, sending out paid advertising to our high converting custom and dedicated audiences.

We also offer slots on our newsletters too and with over 10K email subscribers this is another great place to reach your target audience.

Tell the world how your business was born

For those of you who would like to tell us a bit about how your business was born or why you became a trimmer then we would love to publish your story in the mag and then you’ll get a hefty discount on your first advert – as long as the ad and your story go into the mag at the same time. Let us have some high resolution pics that really show your best side and we’ll do the rest…we’ll make your business stand out to the very people who will want to buy your products or use your services.

What about if you don’t actually have an advert already to send to us?

Don’t worry! We offer a full colour design service that is ABSOLUTELY FREE….ahem did we just say that…yup, absolutely FREE! All we need is the pics, the text and your full attention to give your proof the once or twice over. You can make alterations at any time up until the deadline.

So why advertise in The Barefoot Horse Magazine?

Because our readers are your customers – the BHM is a digital online and print magazine dedicated to barefoot horse lovers all over the globe.

  • Quarterly magazine exposure – 3 months of branding
  • Unique platform in a growing niche with a strong and defined barefoot readership
  • Our expert knowledge of the barefoot niche and how it is developing
  • Our online digital edition is visible across all platforms and available online and offline
  • Our printed mag is shipped all over the world and our readers love the quality
  • Social media global reach of over 500K every month
  • Newsletter exposure to over 10K of dedicated email subscribers
  • Proven return on advertising spend (ROAS)

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to increase sales by reaching the very people that absolutely matter to you?

Contact us today to receive a media pack with all the costs, specs and deadlines