Meet the ones responsible for bringing you this mag

Ever wondered who is behind the BHM and how and why they ended up creating a mag just for you? 

Our BHM Founder & Editor: Lindsay Setchell, BSc (Hons), PGCE, AANHCP Before becoming the Editor of the BHM I worked in the Film & TV industry, taught as a Science Teacher in secondary schools and ran my own barefoot hoofcare business as a qualified Natural Hoofcare Practitioner.

As a trimmer most of my clients were spread far and wide and in an attempt to create some kind of community between them I started to send out the odd newsletter here and there. People began to love the newsletters so much that someone once casually said ‘why don’t you start a magazine’. Oh yeah right I scoffed, knowing nothing about the publishing industry…it was a steep learning curve from there, and I’m still learning!

Our Designer & general all round very hard working person: Sharon Larder

I’ve been a graphic designer for 20 years, specialising in magazine design. I started in newspaper publishing before moving to an established magazine publishing house in Bristol.

In the mid naughties I changed my life and moved to Spain to renovate old houses. But I was soon drawn back to my love for graphic design and I now work as a freelance designer. Being offered the chance to work on such an inspirational magazine as BHM was a true delight, as I myself have a background with horses, learning to ride at a young age, going on  to train as a riding instructor and in my teens having the honour of owning one of the best horses in the world.

Your BHM Family is waiting to meet you!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Congratulations not only have you found an awesome mag to inspire, uplift and keep you positive in your barefoot journey but you’ve also stumbled upon a place which will connect you with other Barefoot Horse Lovers from all over the world. We love our magazine, we love our readers and so it’s time to bring that altogether here on this site.

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Our online nice & fluffies

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Everyone loves a great piccie which makes you feel all nice and fluffy inside (ok getting a bit gooey). We get sent lots of lovely pics to include in the mag, so we’d thought we showcase a few of them here.

If your photo goes into the mag you’ll get a back issue of your choice and your up for winning ‘Photo of the Issue’ and a splendid prize. If you want to send us a pic you can email us, PM us on Facebook, tag us on Instagram, Twitter etc…you know what to do! 

To send us your great photos click here

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Send us the story of your Barefoot Journey

  • How did you and your horse become barefoot?
  • Have you always been barefoot?
  • Do you compete barefoot or happy to hack (or trail) about?
  • Was one of your horses suffering from awful foot problems, lameness problems – laminitis?
  • Do you now or did you ever use boots?

These questions and many more like them are the kinds of things that readers of the BHM want to know about. Some people who read our magazine will be very new to barefoot and Natural Horse Care and reading articles from other like-minded owners like you is just what will really engage them.

Don’t be shy…even if you think your story isn’t that exciting we can guarantee it probably is!

If you can provide some good quality photos, the bigger the file the better for it to look awesome in the printed mag, then send them to us via email or through any of the free online file transfer sites.

You can send your story to us all kinds of ways – email, Facebook PM, through our Contact Us form…come on there’s no excuse is there…you don’t have to be Jilly Cooper – just start writing some notes and see where it takes you!

It will give you a bit of a buzz when you see your story in print – believe us!