Farriers having to stock hoof boots due to customer demand

This article was published back in 2012 and even back then it was being suggested that if farriers were going to keep up with the demand of clients wanting to go barefoot

, then the most discerning of them would have to start becoming more familiar with hoof boots and offer them as a real alternative to shoes.

Now 6 years later and the demand for hoof boots has never been higher. Manufacturers are becoming smarter at making boots which are even easier to get on and off, fit better, are more flexible, have better cushioning and protection, look cool, last longer and don’t cost the earth.

The fact that these manufacturers are all doing well just goes to prove that barefoot is not quite the niche ‘specialist’ market it used to be.

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Barefoot horses are on the rise…which can only mean one thing…metal shoes are on the decline

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