Hi there, I’m the Editor of The Barefoot Horse Magazine!

I want to tell you my story as to why I started the number 1 barefoot horse mag on the planet – The Barefoot Horse Magazine….

A few moons ago I was spending my life visiting my lovely clients with their barefoot horses. We would chat whilst I trimmed, and one of the things I began to realise was that they were so happy I was there…not just to trim their horse but for someone they could chat to who was also a barefoot nut like them. 

They were often bereft of someone to talk to, or resonate with, or gush to about the trials and tribulations of their barefoot adventure…and this made many of them isolated and feeling alone.

Not a good feeling right?

It got me thinking during the many hours I spent in my Hoofing van in between visits…what if I could start to bring together all my clients so they could connect with each other? 

I began to jot down stories and I would send out a newsletter every month to all my clients



, telling them about other owners just like them. My clients loved it and they started to feel more connected, stronger and more positive about owning their barefoot horse.

Then one mad client said “Hey Lindsay, you know what we need….we need a magazine all about barefoot horses…I’ve given up reading all those horsey mags that are out there because there’s really nothing in there for me and my barefoot horse!”

NO WAY was my knee jerk reaction!

Me running a magazine? What do I know about magazines? Besides I am WAY too busy looking after all you guys and trimming your horses to go starting up a mag….

….but alas, I couldn’t get the thought out of my head….and so it began.

That was over 20 issues ago, and we’ve grown and grown. If you’ve not heard about us…where have you been? Ha Ha!

We started as a purely digital online edition but so many wanted to read it in print and have it in their hands, that we started publishing the printed mags from Issue 6.

These printed mags are GLORIOUS! I am quite proud

They became so popular that the printed editions are now shipped all over the world – to every corner of the planet!

I remember how excited we were when the very first printed mags arrived at my house. My kids ripped open the box (yes just ONE box back then!) and the first thing my Mum said was “Oh, it’s actually like a real magazine!” Sigh!

For those of you who know me, it was never going to be some flimsy pamphlet, nope this mag had to be awesome from the start or not printed at all!

Our print runs have got bigger and bigger and our hoof print on the equine world, which was once Shetland sized, is now heading towards full grown Cob….maybe we’ll reach a Clydesdale one of these days!! ?

A HUGE THANKS to all of you who keep on supporting us and a message to all of you who are only just hearing about us right now….

…this mag is FOR YOU & YOUR HORSE! It’s a mag you can call your own…because nobody understands about being a barefoot horse owner better than all of us. ❤️

AND I wanted to make sure as we got bigger and bigger we still kept that personal touch – so I’m always on hand working with the team to answer your questions

, and we’re always listening to your feedback!

So what are you waiting for?

If you’d love to subscribe, check out this little vid I put together for newbies to the mag – it tells you about the different subscriptions you can take out and how much it costs!

Price is important don’t you think? We make sure this mag isn’t expensive and we keep the shipping costs really low!

Just wait till you see this mag on your coffee table (or more like in the tack room, barn, yard!) – perhaps you might even like to waft it in front of your non barefoot horsey friend or vet sometime?

You and your horse won’t ever regret it!


This is the one and only – The Barefoot Horse Magazine!




, The Editor ❤️ See less