What’s hot in the boot world

Boots boots boots! Yep nowadays horse hoof boots are big business, it is without doubt a growing niche in the equestrian world and will eventually lead to a metal free life for all equines. Some horses need them…some owners need them…either way they are here to stay and are becoming more high tech. Prices are being driven down by a really competitive market and for many owners it makes them feel empowered that they are taking some positive control of their own horse’s hoof health.

So what boots are out there and which one is the right one for you and your horse? Well the answer to that is, put simply, the one that fits. There’s no point setting your heart on a boot if it’s not going to be the right one…but good news folks, boot manufacturers are listening to their clients and providing bigger, wider, smaller, stronger, smarter boots than ever before.

Here at the BHM we are on very good relations with some of the biggest and best hoof boot manufacturers in the world and they love our magazine so much that boots are given away in EVERY ISSUE!

Below are the hoof boots that the BHM highly recommends and if you want to know more about any of them, contact the BHM’s resident hoof boot specialist Liz Hapgood

, the proprietor of the successful online store HOOF BOOTIQUE. What she doesn’t know about boots is truly not worth knowing! Liz writes an article for the BHM every issue, giving us updates on latest models, tips and tricks and general information.

Cavallo Hoof Boots – Treks, Simple, Sport, Transport Air

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, Entry Level, Big Foot, Mini Cute Little Boots (CLB’s)

Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes – Ultra, Ultimate, All Terrain, 24/7, All Terrain Ultra, Active

Scoot Boots – Scoots, Skins

Accurfit – Modular 3D Scanned Made to Measure Hoof Boots

Don’t forget to check out every new issue of the magazine for great hoof boot giveaways!