If you think a horse needs shoes….why not use hoof boots instead?

1000’s & 1000’s of horse owners are now binning their horse’s shoes preferring to go down the route of hoof boots….but why do so many still insist that if a horse needs ‘protection’ it must have shoes nailed on permanently instead?

We can’t think of one logical reason why you might use shoes instead of boots. Here is a run down of why owners say they need to shoe their horses and why boots would be a better option.

– shoes ‘help’ a footsore horse walk over the ground….so do boots

– shoes give a horse grip….so do boots

– shoes can ‘help’ remedially….so can boots

If you think or have been told your horse needs shoes because of the above

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, then below are the reasons why you need boots….

– shoes will ALWAYS change the shape of a horse’s hoof overtime, sometimes irreversibly….boots can NEVER do that

– shoes are nailed on permanently

, the nails being driven into a hoof capsule which should remain sterile and intact….boots NEVER do that

– shoes being metal act as conductors of both HEAT (friction) and COLD (ground)…..boots being a rubber or plastic composite NEVER do that

– shoes do restrict blood flow to the vital parts of the foot AND leg….boots NEVER do that

– shoes being hard

, inflexible metal, increase concussive forces throughout the foot, leg and body….boots being flexible REDUCE concussion compared to shoes

– shoes and nails cause the natural passive areas of a horse’s foot to be active….boots NEVER do that

– shoes CANNOT be removed after riding….boots can ALWAYS be removed

Hmmmm….we could go on!

Here’s a negative that people may say why they prefer shoes to boots…

– Boots rub….no they don’t if they fit correctly!

– Boots can come off….no they don’t if they fit correctly (of course shoes can come off too and when they do they can damage the hoof…boots won’t!)

AND one really really BIG BONUS….boots last longer and are way way cheaper over time

, lasting many months to years….they don’t wear down thin in 6 weeks AND you can just keep re-using them over and over and over….

So why would anyone decide to shoe instead of using boots?


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Have a great barefoot or booted day out there folks

The BHM Team ❤️