What’s in Issue 20?

front cover issue 20

Issue 20 is another fantastic issue packed full of articles, education and information. Here’s a run down of what to expect in Issue 20:

  • The World Bitless Association – normalising modern bitless bridles
  • Can you jump in boots? Q&A with Scoot Boots and 3 top competitors
  • Cavallo World Exclusive – what is going on between Cavallo & Emma Massingale?
  • Rehab the Right Way with trainer Richard Greer
  • The Gut Microbiome – find out everything you need to know!
  • Can horse’s suffer from PTSD?
  • Interview with Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue
  • The Pitter Patter of tiny hooves with trimmer Catherine Bradley
  • Crunch the trail blazer for the CLB Bling Boots
  • Turbo the Horse that Saved Me

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If you have a horse, you’ve heard of LAMINITIS

Link between diet & laminitis

If you have a horse, you’ve heard of LAMINITIS. It’s a topic we talk about a lot in the magazine and for very good reason. Laminitis and colic are the two main causes of equine demise across the globe.

Whether you have a barefoot or shod horse, laminitis is never far from the minds and concerns of every horse owner I have ever met. We all have a pretty good idea that we mustn’t feed too much grass, or too much sweet feed but do we all know how to recognise those subtle signs of when too much is just too much?

It’s a sad fact that many horses and ponies spend their lives ping ponging in & out of mild to serious discomfort without their owners realising the root cause and how to fix it. If the horse is footy, it’s blamed on poor breeding, weak feet, feet wearing away…rather than something as ‘serious’ as laminitis. Acute laminitis is usually quite easy to spot – horse is stiff, has difficulty moving, is sweating up, might be lying down a lot…and that’s often before anything was ever noticed going on in the feet.

But it’s the low grade chronic symptoms of laminitis which are often missed. Early warning signs not to be ignored, if you only knew what to look for. We listen to professionals who we trust and tell us that “no way your horse is fine it’s not lamintiic, it just has to wear shoes because it’s feet are rubbish AND you’re doing too many miles a week to even be feasible for barefoot”. Well of course many discerning owners know that is simply a fallacy, but how many owners can truly say they know the signs and symptoms of low grade laminitis and what to do about it?

Well here at the BH Mag we offer advice, support, education and real life case studies from specialists at the rock face to owner’s sharing their stories of how they brought their horse back from a dire prognosis.

It’s all here across many issues of the mag. Click on SEARCH at the top of our this website and type in laminitis, you will be shown a list of all the issues where that topic appears…and you can do that for any topic such as NAVICULAR, HOOF BOOTS and DIET, to name but 3.

In Issue 19 we have an excellent article by barefoot specialists Hoofing Marvellous who talk about the link between diet and laminitis, one of THE most important links of all.

So if you are an owner struggling to find out how others coped, here is a link to Issue 19 and don’t forget to do that smart search to find out which other issues the subject of laminitis appears in.

The video below is of a beatufil brave horse called Duncan, who was diagnosed just over a year ago with acute laminitis, was shod and had been out on loan…then things went from bad to worse. NOT one vet believed he could recover, but with faith, determination and the right support, owner Jo & trimmer Emma pulled him through and just look at him today. Read his story in an upcoming issue very soon. The vid is tough to watch at the beginning but just look what happens in the end!

Don’t let laminitis be the end for your horse!

Lindsay, Editor

Can you JUMP your horse BAREFOOT or BOOTED?

Jumping booted

Well the obvious straight answer to us here in the barefoot world is YES! 

But perhaps if you are contemplating taking your horse barefoot, you might be being put off from doing so because you are worried you won’t be able to carry on doing all the fun things you could do (or maybe ‘were’ doing) in shoes.

It is a rather bizarre notion that the completely accepted normal in the horse world is horses wearing shoes (or at least it ‘used’ to be). People shoe their horses because they feel that the shoes will give support, traction, protection and some even believe it gives their horse comfort. Well I’m not going to go into details about the multitude of problems shoes cause in this post, which of course out weigh any potential benefit there might have once been, but rather focus on all the positive examples of owners competing, hacking, trekking, eventing, doing dressage, endurance, western….and of course JUMPING their horses barefoot or booted.

Owners who truly believe that their horse needs shoes for jumping will tell you that it is ‘safer’ for a horse, they will be able to corner with more traction, land better, jump higher….the list goes on…but truly, if you are someone who believes this, then all I can say to you is you have never jumped around a course, whether indoors or outdoors, show jumping, cross country or eventing, on a sound, healthy barefoot horse.

Lets take one example (we have so many examples in the mag), a lady called Holly Coetzee, who jumps her horses regularly in competition, not only barefoot but bitless too. Holly has featured many times in our magazine and is an ambassador for what can truly be achieved with horses who were previously written off as no-hopers, taking them to winning heights over and over. Holly featured on the front of Issue 18 and Issue 14 and says inside:

“My boy was a superstar at the FBMA international showjumping cup in Abu Dhabi….with a clear including the Joker in the 1.10m accumulator class on day one…..Interesting to note we were competing on GRASS with guess what…? NO SHOES!! Every other horse was fully studded up. Food for thought eh?”

Holly sends us regular updates and we have one coming up in Issue 20 out on November 1st (pre-orders available very soon). Holly is just one example of so many owners we feature in the magazine every single issue, who are able to carry on and do more and often far better than ever before, barefoot. Not only is Holly doing well with her own horses, she’s such a shining example that she’s encouraging more to join her and compete alongside her & her horses, all barefoot and mostly bitless!

But what about booted? Can horses jump in boots? Won’t they come off, get in the way, cause the horse to slip, create more problems? Again perhaps the only way to allay all these fears is to feature people who are jumping barefoot in all different kinds of boots and again succeeding. These owners want to shout about it from the rooftops because so many others who think that nothing is better than shoes can’t believe (and often WON’T believe it’s possible).

In issue 15 rider Ingvild Surdal, from Norway, who rides her horse in Equine Fusions in both dressage and eventing tells us how she chose to keep her horses barefoot and booted because she experiences very little in the way of injuries on her horses as well as many other positive benefits, such as improved circulation in the feet which improves overall health of the horse.

Some of you are familiar with one couple we often feature in photos, Carl and his horse Pegasus who jump wearing Cavallo hoof boots…this talented pair prove without a shadow of a doubt that horses who jump in boots have absolutely no problem at all.

If you check out our Competing Update feature which appears in most of our issues (see the contents of each issue on the mag website to find out), you will see lots and lots of examples of owners jumping barefoot and booted, with both horse and rider truly loving what they are doing.

On a final note, Issue 20 as I mentioned earlier is going to be released on November 1st and in this issue we have and interview with 3 ladies all who jump in Scoot hoof boots. Some fabulous pictures and great content, so watch this space for pre-orders to make sure you don’t miss that issue.

And one more final final note…our printed issues are very popular so if you want to be absolutely sure to receive a printed copy of the mag, the best way is to subscribe as you will always have a printed copy reserved for you…ohterwise it’s take your chances or of course alternatively read the mags online – they look awesome on the net too!

Oh…and in Issue 20 we will be giving away a pair of Scoots and a pair of Cavallo’s to two lucky readers – so watch this space for pre-order info coming very soon!

Happy Jumping!

Lindsay, Editor

p.s. here are the links to the issues we have mentioned in this post:

Click here for Issue 14

Click here for Issue 15

Click here for Issue 18

Our You Tube Channel is now live!

You Tube channel thumbnail

Today we are launching our very own You Tube Channel, full of everything and anything to do with barefoot. Lindsay our Editor will be taking on the mantle of producing many of the videos and we also have some interviews and other exciting stuff lined up for you. We’ll be bringing you info on new releases, features, solving barefoot problems, discussions, fun and lots of barefoot savvy!

So nip over to show your support, don’t forget to subscribe and click that bell icon so you are notified everytime we post up a new vid. We’re quite excited about it and a bit nervous too, as going into the moving picture realm is a bit different for us, but we hope you are going to enjoy it.

Here’s a quick video welcome from our Editor, Lindsay Setchell.

Don’t forget you can add comments under the vids, anything to do with barefoot, any questions you have and maybe some ideas for new vids or suggestions for the mag. Not much there at the mo…but it will start building!

We hope you join us and we can’t wait to promote Barefoot Horses to an even wider audience!

Here are our other BHM social network links, go visit, go share and join in – keep sharing the barefoot love!




Happy You Tubing!

The BHM Team

Issue 14 – Understanding your horse’s hoof – HOOF CRACKS

Issue 14 hoof cracks

In every issue of the magazine we have a section called Trimmer’s Tips brought to you by our resident barefoot hoof care specialists Hoofing Marvellous, where every aspect of the hoof is discussed to help owners really understand their horse’s hooves.

In Issue 14, HM go to town on everything to do with hoof cracks, with some amazing photographs of real case studies and really in depth analysis of those pesky cracks. Here are some of the questions HM answer in the article:

Where do hoof cracks usually happen?
What causes superficial or partial thickness hoof cracks?
What causes full thickness hoof cracks?
Does shoeing make hoof cracks worse?
Can full thickness cracks cause pain?
What can you do if your horse has hoof cracks?

So if your horse suffers from hoof cracks that you absolutely don’t seem to be getting on top of, perhaps you’ve tried more traditional methods (also discussed in the article) but to no avail, then reading this article is a must and will get you and your horse swiftly onto the road of recovery.

Here’s a link to Issue 14

This issue is still available in print and online too.

Go get those hoof cracks under control folks!

Lindsay, Editor

Happy Earthing!


We absolutely know without a doubt that horses who spend their lives barefoot with their own hooves on the ground (instead of metal) are healthier…but does anyone really know why?

Perhaps studies into humans going barefoot, called ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’, may begin to shed some light on this, as scientists discover what happens to your body when you walk barefoot on the earth.

Fascinating article – here’s the link.

Happy ‘Earthing’!

The BHM Team

What’s In Issue 19 – Video

What's in Issue 19 Video


Listen up folks we thought we’d better WARN YOU that the printed copies of Issue 19 are now running low (approx only 100 left), so if you want the PRINT version then hop over to the website and order yours now – or better still take out a subscription then you’ll always have your print copy on order.

If you still don’t know whether to buy the mag, then CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO ‘What’s in Issue 19’ by our Editor Lindsay Setchell.

People are really loving the magazine here’s a couple of recommendations we’ve had this week…

Barbara: Just started getting the digital editions. Thought at the intro price if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be out much. Read the current edition, and am now going back to start with #1 and work my way through them. Great magazine!!! Thanks!!

Valery: I’ve had barefoot horses for 10+ years, and felt this magazine might be preaching to the choir. IT’S NOT IN THE LEAST! Just received my first issue and am happily impressed. Great value, great information and no regrets for subscribing. Do yourself and your horse a favour and look into this publication. 👍👍👍👍👍 I couldn’t find a star emoji so give it 5 thumbs up!

Awww shucks thanks ladies ❤️


Here’s the link direct to Issue 19

Of course all our mags are available ONLINE always whether they have run out of print or not, so you’ll still be able to catch up.

Happy barefoot reading!

The BHM Team

Farriers having to stock hoof boots due to customer demand

Putting on a hoof boot

This article was published back in 2012 and even back then it was being suggested that if farriers were going to keep up with the demand of clients wanting to go barefoot, then the most discerning of them would have to start becoming more familiar with hoof boots and offer them as a real alternative to shoes.

Now 6 years later and the demand for hoof boots has never been higher. Manufacturers are becoming smarter at making boots which are even easier to get on and off, fit better, are more flexible, have better cushioning and protection, look cool, last longer and don’t cost the earth.

The fact that these manufacturers are all doing well just goes to prove that barefoot is not quite the niche ‘specialist’ market it used to be.

Find out all you need to know about hoof boots in every issue of the mag. Just look for Hoof Boot News by online hoof boot store @HoofBootique.

And don’t forget that in EVERY issue we give away a FREE PAIR of hoof boots to one or more lucky readers.

Barefoot horses are on the rise…which can only mean one thing…metal shoes are on the decline 👏👏

Here’s the link to the original article.

Happy Booting!

Lindsay, Editor

Proud to announce we are the new Leg Up For Talent Sponsors for Katy & Wiz!

LUFT Sponsor logo

We are proud to announce that we are the new LegUpforTalent Sponsor for up and coming equine star Katy Perry and her barefoot horse Wizzard. Katy & Wiz, with our support will be able to afford to train more regularly in the pursuit of their goals in equestrian competition…flying the flag for barefoot!

The Leg Up For Talent Program selects dedicated riders who would otherwise struggle to gain sponsorship.

Founder & creator Diane Anselm says, “traditionally, sponsorship is available only to a limited few professionals at the top of our sport, who are able to provide sufficient media exposure to satisfy sponsorship investment. Even at this level, due to the restrictive coverage of the mainstream media, sponsorship has never been in line with the phenomenal achievements of our top riders. At grassroots level, sponsorship is even more difficult to secure, being mainly based on the generosity and good will of companies or passionate individuals. Yet, it is particularly at this level that funding is essential if the early interest of young talent is to be embraced and ability nurtured; so that with continued commitment, passion and ambition they can one day represent their country.”

The Barefoot Horse Magazine are therefore extremely excited to be a sponsor for Katy & Wiz and you will be able to read updates on how she is getting on in future issues of the magazine from Issue 20 onwards, when we’ll properly introduce the pair of them to you all.

Katy said, “being selected to be in the Leg Up For Talent Program was amazing.
It gives normal grassroots riders the chance to work towards their Equestrian goals. Instead of just the elite riders gaining sponsorship, it is given to a normal person who would really benefit from the help.”

Well we are with you Katy & Wiz, bring on the good times ahead!

Here’s the full video on You Tube to properly introduce you all to Katy & Wiz, our Leg Up For Talent stars!

Good luck Katy & Wiz, the BHM community are right behind you!

Anything & everything is possible with your barefoot horse!

Happy barefoot competing!

The BHM Team

p.s. please go give us a thumbs up over at YT, subscribe to our channel & click notifications so you never miss a vid!

p.p.s. visit Katy & Wiz’s FB pages if you want to follow them:

Katy: https://buff.ly/2OiMVD7
Wiz: https://buff.ly/2OmM2JE

p.p.p.s. don’t forget to look out for Katy & Wiz’s first appearance in the mag in the next issue release out on November 1st! Don’t miss it!

If you ride without a safety helmet does it mean you really are at greater risk of brain injury from a fall

Riders wearing safety helmets

Some German scientists have now been able to put actual significant figures & evidence forward & concluded horse riders’ brain injury risk is “5-fold higher” without a helmet:


We ran an article in Issue 14 by a group from the US called Helmet Tough, who were raising awareness for increased potential brain injury caused by riders not wearing helmets & preferring to wear more traditional ‘Cowboy Hats’.

Dawn Champion who is on the cover of  Issue 19 with her horse Lasair, wears a riding helmet with a visor around it, which gives the rider more of a Western look without compromising on safety.

Always better to be safer than sorry!

Happy hard hatting!
The BHM Team