NAVICULAR? Why not remove the shoes?

That was the title of a Navicular story we published in Issue 14, written by self confessed ‘studs & road nails girl’ Mel Morris, whose horse Ikke went unexpectedly lame and was given the diagnosis of NAVICULAR. She then did something she never thought she’d do in a million years….take the shoes off!

This is just one story of recovery from a dire diagnosis of navicular that we have featured in the magazine, written from the rock face by owners facing endless remedial shoeing, sky high treatment costs for MRI scans, joint injections, bone remodeling drugs, box rest…you name it, it’s all here.

When we started this mag we were never sure what articles would end up in our inbox, but this is a subject many want to shout about from the rooftops, because after taking the shoes off, something that many of them would never have ever contemplated before, their horses began to finally recover.

Here’s a few others:

Issue 15 – Available in Print & Online:
1, 2 Buckle My Shoe, 3, 4 NAVICULAR – another heart warming example of how the cure begins with taking the shoes off!

Issue 11 – Available in Print & Online: Chic’s journey of Navicular Rehabilitation – a fit young & healthy quarter horse with great promise, who was given the damning diagnosis of navicular.

Issue 7 – Available Online Only:
Healing Navicular the Natural Way – a young horse called Gemini diagnosed with navicular in both front feet and her owner was told to go down the remedial shoeing route but instead she decided to take a more unconventional approach!

Issue 5 – Available Online Only: Navicular & Lameness No More! Buddy’s story – this owner had already lost one horse to the dreaded navicular…. now she was facing losing another. When her 6 year old horse Buddy was also diagnosed with the same problem

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, she thought her world was caving in…. then she found out how going barefoot and changing the diet can be a lifesaver for ‘Navicular’ horses.

And of course 2 articles in ISSUE 19 – Available in Print & Online:

Soundness for Navicular – how to recognize those subtle signs of pain in your horse by Carole Herder

My Navicular Pony – having spent 1000’s on treatment, how one owner went against all conventional advice and took the shoes OFF!

There are more! SEARCH for NAVICULAR it will bring up a list of issues where it appears.

This isn’t just the odd one or two examples, this is happening day in, day out, with more and more horses being diagnosed. There is ALWAYS a pattern and the equine world have seriously got to start waking up to the fact that SHOES, incorrect DIET & MANAGEMENT, are MAJOR factors involved in sending horses to the brink of disaster…some (many) NEVER make it back.

So if you know someone whose horse is in this situation, or maybe it’s you that has been told your horse has got NAVICULAR, then you or your friend need to read these articles – it will change you or your friend’s life and their horse’s FOREVER!

Lindsay, Editor