Competitions & prizes in every issue of the magazine

In absolutely EVERY issue of the magazine you will find competitions and that means prizes! More often than not, it’s multiple prizes ranging from brand new hoof boots

Pharmacie Montignac Dordogne Pharmacie de la Vézère

, hoof products, books, hay nets and on and on. There are also other little prizes if your article is published, you win the Nice & Fluffy photo of the issue, sending us your Top Tips…it really is worth reading the magazine to find out!

Here’s just a few of the prizes we’ve given away in the past

  • Hoof Boots – all different makes and models from Scoots to Cavallos
  • Hoof Care Products
  • Saddle Pads
  • Event Tickets – we’ve given away Monty on a few occasions!
  • Bareback Pads
  • Hay nets – like the huge type from Bale Buddy
  • Back Issues
  • Calendars
  • Books

Phew! Don’t miss your copy because if you do, you’ll miss the chance to win a whopper…and that would be frankly BONKERS!