3 Day Horse & Hoof Care Workshops

GBP £350.00


Workshop Location – 82500 Beaumont de Lomagne, FRANCE – 23rd-25th August 2021

With Lindsay Setchell & Hoofing Marvellous



Join the Editor of The Barefoot Horse Magazine and barefoot professional, Lindsay Setchell, and the Hoofing Marvellous team, for 3 full days of horse and hoof care!

Take your HOOF knowledge to the next LEVEL by learning about the Natural Trim from experienced professional BAREFOOT specialists.

Let them guide you over the course of 3 days on how to achieve optimum health for your horse and their hooves, through diet, management and basic trimming.

By the end of the 3 days you’ll have a firm understanding of the anatomy of the lower leg and hoof, what is meant by a species specific diet, how best to manage your horse and to be competent enough to maintain your own horse’s hooves, in between professional trims, by implementing a Natural Trim.


Lindsay Setchell BSc (Hons), PGCE, AANHCP

The Barefoot Horse Magazine editor, and founder of renowned UK barefoot hoofcare specialists, Hoofing Marvellous.

After graduating from University with a BSc Hons, Lindsay took a Post Graduate Certificate of Education and began teaching Science in further education colleges and secondary schools.

After nearly losing her beloved pony Sunny to laminitis 20 years ago, Lindsay began to study the equine foot, and eventually decided to change career, travelling to the US to become a qualified Natural Hoofcare Practitioner, training with the famous and influential barefoot teacher, author and expert, Jaime Jackson.

Lindsay then continued her training throughout Europe, until bringing her expertise back to the UK to start her own barefoot hoofcare business.

Realising that there was a huge need for barefoot specialists throughout the UK, Lindsay went on to found Hoofing Marvellous, which rapidly grew into a team of 6 qualified barefoot specialists covering the South and South West of the UK.

Lindsay and the Hoofing Marvellous team regularly tour with their 3 day workshops, bringing the knowledge of natural horse and hoof care to horse owners and professionals, as well as teaching and mentoring student barefoot trimmers.


The aim of the 3 day workshop is to immerse you in the Natural Trim concepts using theory and hands on practicals. These workshops are ideal for owners who would like to further their knowledge of natural horse and hoof care.

The first 2 days of the workshop will consist of morning presentations, hands on practicals, and then basic cadaver trimming in the afternoons. You will learn to safely use the tools and how to achieve a basic balanced trim.

On the 3rd day you will observe a lower leg dissection, to better understand the soft tissues and bones. Then you will observe how professionals consult and trim live horses they’ve never seen before, discussing hoof shape, pathologies and trimming. Day 3 is a valuable end to the 3 day workshop, where you have the opportunity to interact with the trimmers as they work, ask lots of questions, and see the Natural Trim put to practice on live horses. Day 3 is also open to observers who have not been able to attend Day 1 & 2. The cost for observation Day 3 is £100 or equivalent in your currency.


The natural hoof

– Background theory on wild horses and hooves

– Domestic hooves and hoof pathologies

– How to recognise the sub clinical signs of laminitis

– What is a Natural Barefoot Trim?

– Guidelines of trimming

– Tools: What to use and how to use them safely

– Anatomy of the hoof internally and externally

– Marking & measuring the hoof before trimming

– Lower leg anatomy workshop

– Cadaver trimming workshop

– Notching for sole and heel thickness


Train your eyes to see

– A more in depth view of the Natural Trim

– The NHC Triangle

– Wear patterns of the natural hoof

– Angles of growth

– Active and passive wear

– Sole concavity and the Mustang Roll

– Hoof Evaluation & Measuring workshop

– Cadaver trimming workshop

DAY 3 (also open to extra observers who have not attended the previous 2 days for a fee of £100 or equivalent in your currency)

Putting it into practice – OBSERVATION

– Lower leg dissection workshop

– Live horse gait analysis

– Live horse sequencing workshop

– Live horse consultations and trimming workshop by professional trimmers


  • Next Workshop – 82500 Beaumont de Lomagne – south west France

Monday 23rd August – Wednesday 25th August

– Located in the Tarn-et-Garonne region of south west France

– 50 minutes from Toulouse airport

– Plenty of Hotels and Air B&B’s in and around the area

You will need to bring a packed lunch on each day



The cost of the 3 Day Workshop is £350 (or equivalent in your currency). Please bring your own packed lunch but tea/coffee/cold drinks and light refreshments will be available during the day.

We strongly advise participants to purchase their own trimming tools prior to the workshop. All information and list of tools will be emailed to you on booking.

The workshops have limited places, so please book early as the places do go quickly. Once the places are filled we will close the registration for the course.

Additional information


France Full 3 Day Workshop: 82500 Beaumont de Lomagne – 23rd-25th August 2021, France: Observation Day 3 Only