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Sunday Shows: Every other Sunday until 5th December 2021 – ‘The Hoof Uncovered’ 10 Part Series

Friday Shows: Every other Friday – live interviews with special guests

Date & Times: 8PM UK Time/3PM US Eastern Time 

Description: Join the Barefoot Live specialists every other Sunday as they get deep and personal into every part of the horse’s hoof in our TV series called ‘The Hoof Uncovered’; and then on every other Friday as they interview special guests. You can buy tickets for each individual show, and can catch up for 7 days afterwards.

Please see the full schedule for the all the live shows for this month in the additional info below


1. BUY A TICKET NOW FOR £10: to watch and interact with this show only. You can replay the show for up to 7 days after the event, the recording link will be emailed to you within 24 hours after the show. Choose the number of tickets you would like to buy below, and  when the order is completed, you will be sent an email with a separate link for each ticket holder to join the show on the allotted time and day.

2. BECOME A MEMBER OF BAREFOOT LIVE FOR ONLY £7.50 per month: you’ll be given full access to our private members group, where you will have instant access to not just this show, but all the past and future shows for as long as your membership lasts. Not just shows though! You’ll have access to articles, pre-recorded videos, member only shows, live events several times a month, and a great community of barefooters from all over the globe (and so much more!).

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Barefoot Live TV Show Schedule DECEMBER 2021

We’ll be updating our shows soon!

Additional information

Barefoot Live Show Tickets

Friday 3rd September – Straightness Training & Masterson Method with Lucie Klaassen, Sunday 5th September – Predicting the Future: Identifying when a horse is at risk of laminitis with Professor Steve Hebrock, Sunday 12th September – The Hoof Uncovered Part 4: The Bars, Frog, Heels & Digital Cushion, Friday 17th September – Rehabbing Laminitic Equines with Jenny Hepari, Sunday 26th September – The Hoof Uncovered Part 5: The Lateral Cartilages & Sidebone, Sunday 1st August – The Hoof Uncovered Part 1: The White Line, Friday 6th August – Interview with Rebecka Blenntoft from Equilymph on CPL, Sunday 15th August – The Hoof Uncovered Part 2: The Hoof Wall, Friday 20th August – Interview with Camille Dareau – Craniosacral Therapist, Sunday 29th August – The Hoof Uncovered Part 3: The Sole, Friday 1st October – Interview with US farrier Craig Campo, Sunday 10th October – The Hoof Uncovered Part 6: The Laminae, Friday 15th October – Interview with Imke Barrett – Equine Dentist and Barefoot Trimmer, Friday 29th October – Interview with Sven Erik Revheim – CEO of hoof boot manufacturers Equine Fusion from Norway, Monday 25th October – The Hoof Uncovered Part 7: The Pedal Bone, Short & Long Pastern Bones, Wednesday 6th October – Interview with Lucie Klaassen – qualified Straightness Trainer and Masterson Method Practitioner, Friday 12th November – Interview with Hoof Care professional Bjorn Rhebergen, Sunday 21st November – The Hoof Uncovered Part 9: Hoof Landings, Friday 26th November – How to analyse forage samples to balance your horse's diet

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