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Some of the features inside:

  • The World Bitless Association – normalising modern bitless bridles
  • Can you jump in boots? Q&A with Scoot Boots & 3 top competitors
  • Rehab the Right Way with trainer Richard Greer
  • The Gut Microbiome – find out everything you need to know
  • Can horses suffer from PTSD?
  • Interview with Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue
  • The Pitter Patter of tiny hooves
  • Crunch the trail blazer for the CLB Bling Boots
  • Turbo the horse that saved me!
  • Hoof Boot News
  • Trimmer’s Tips – Chop off the Flare?
  • Leg Up For Talent sponsored pair Katy Perry & Wizz
  • The Barefoot Horse Owners Group on Facebook
  • Win Scoots, Cavallo Treks & Cavallo CLB Blings in this issue
  • ….and much more!

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