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Some of the features inside:

  • COVER STARS: Josepha Guillaume: Species Appropriate: The Way Forward — Lately the internet has been buzzing about the equestrian world’s, so called, ‘social license to operate.’ Finally it seems equestrian organizations are responding with new ‘equine friendly’ rules and regulations, even the FEI. This is because public opinion and lawmakers are taking an interest in perhaps ending equestrian sport as it currently is. For years now, this process has been stagnating because riders and trainers seem to think that what is better for horses would be interfering with their goals and performances. But is that really so, or can species appropriate training methods be used as the way forward to benefit equestrians as much as horses, and at the same time help keep the social license to operate?
  • Competing News: Read about Scoot Boots approval for use in FEI competitions, and Ellen Cochrane making history with her mule at Horse Agility World
  • Ukrainian Equestrian Charity Foundation: Marking a Year in the Ukraine War — The 24th February 2023 marked the sombre 1 year anniversary of the start of the large-scale war in Ukraine. We look back on this year of war where we saw the incredible resilience and strength of the Ukrainian people…
  • Sharon Bronsveld: The unknown Metabolism Disorder Kryptopyrroluria (KPU) in Equines — It’s a disorder of the detoxification system that involves the inability to retain and digest the correct amounts of nutrients. We learn how to spot the warning signs, and what to do if we believe our horse is affected by it…
  • Lindsay Setchell: Hoof Care in Depth: Laminitis Part 1 — It’s a disease that puts fear into the hearts of many a horse owner, that can cause the horse years of pain, and the owner years of worry and distress. Here we learn all about understanding and recognising the signs of laminitis before it’s too late
  • Bernadette Crosby: The Horse that is Hurting — “I’ve never seen a more misunderstood animal than the horse that is hurting…” It’s time to pay close attention to any signs of pain in our horses
  • Mary-Anne Punnett: Flavourful Fennel — an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive aid… this plant could be the key to a happier horse!
  • Georgina Weston: Revisiting Springwood Sanctuary in their Beautiful Forever Home — back to tell the story of Springwood’s incredible journey to a place where their horses’ mental well-being comes first and foremost, before the needs or wants of humans
  • PB Rehab, Retirement and Ridden Paddock Paradise Livery: The Gummy Gallops: The Toothless Track — telling us all about the hurdles they’ve had to overcome to help give their dentally challenged residents the best species appropriate life they can…
  • Anna Kodíček: Why Horses Have Problems with Hoof Care and How to Resolve Them — Hoof care can be quite traumatic for some horses, leading to pain and behavioural problems that can remain even after a change in hoof care professional. We find out why this happens and what we can do to help our equines overcome it…
  • Nicola Cocorocchio: Let’s Get Grooming: Coconut Oil — The Super Groomer — Recipes that will get your horse looking tip-top, without all the nasty chemicals you find in traditional products
  • Lesley Taylor-Brett: Functional Saddling — We discuss why monitoring and measuring your horse, at regular intervals, is imperative to make sure that a saddle continues to work well…
  • Hoof Bootique: Hoof Boot News — Top 10 Tips & Tricks for an effortless hoof boot journey…
  • Hoofing Marvellous: Trimmer’s Tips — Let’s talk about the unsung hero of the hoof – the Digital Cushion…as well as all our regular features and competitions inside Issue 38
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