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Some of the features inside:

COVER STARS: For the first time ever, we’ve got a DONKEY on the cover! At BHM we are incredibly passionate about all equine welfare, from asses all the way to zebras, so it felt right that Ben became our cover star this time round. He didn’t have the easiest start to life, as you can see by the scarring on his nose, but the team at Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land came to his rescue and gave him the life he deserves. It’s an amazing charity, based in Israel and the Palestinian territories, that works tirelessly to help the many donkeys in this politically unstable country. Their work goes beyond the political boundaries, and is an incredible testament to the love they share for these beautiful equines.

Ukrainian Equestrian Charity Foundation: Interview with CEO Mykhaylo Parkhomchuk, stable owner Yevgenia Navolochka, and volunteer Anastasia, where they tell us about how life has changed, and the trials and tribulations they’ve had to overcome, since the beginning of the war with Russia.

Hoof Care in Depth: Laminitis Part 2 by Lindsay Setchell — It’s a disease that puts fear into the hearts of many a horse owner, that can cause the horse years of pain, and the owner years of worry and distress. Following on from last issue’s article, we investigate what we can do for our horses to prevent and heal laminitis.

The White Turf by Dr. Laszlo Klicsu — The only horse race in the world that’s run on ice! In a little corner of this white paradise, with posh parties and high stake gambling, were some brave young riders and their barefoot ponies proving how horses can race and win barefoot – on ice!

Charming Chicory by Mary-Anne Punnett — a digestive aid, protection of the liver and kidneys, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory… We learn why we should all have some chicory ready in our tack room.

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust — Where the impossible is made possible and miracles happen every day. In the Western world, diseases like tetanus have almost been completely eradicated; but in other, less fortunate parts of the world, tetanus, along with many other horrible diseases, are an everyday occurrence and worry. This is the case in The Gambia, one of the poorest countries in the world, where a team of incredible volunteers work tirelessly to help as many animals they can…

Let’s Get Grooming: No Fly Zone by Nicola Cocorocchio — “Can be harmful to you and your horse with potential long term adverse side effects,” “Toxic,” “Unsafe for ingestion.” These are just some of the many warnings we can find on commercial fly sprays today, putting ourselves and our horses at risk. Instead, learn how to make your own entirely natural and safe fly spray at home, it’s cheaper too!

How equine behaviour-based training makes for better Olympians by Josepha Guillaume — Learning how to properly communicate with and train your horse is imperative if you want a strong and clear connection, as much for professional show jumpers to your average happy hacker, find out how the need for better training and management practices in the higher echelons of the equine world is imperative to the continuing acceptance of equine sport.

Bamroc: The horse that didn’t know how to be a horse by PB Rehab, Retirement and Ridden Paddock Paradise Livery — the team at PB tell us all about one of their recent rehabs, Bamroc, an extremely anxious and confused horse. They explain how they integrated him into their livery and the process they followed to bring him out of his shell and awaken his inner horse…

Burilda Park Equine — Trainer Leigh Cragg takes 18 year old unhandled Brumby to national competition in 140 days! Seen as pests in Australia, the competition highlights the incredible strength and perseverance of the brumbies, in order to protect their species and promote their adoption.

Hoof Boot News: Celebrating Success by the Hoof Bootique — Find out about some of the recent hoof boot successes, from rehabbing to hacking to endurance and competing.

Trimmer’s Tips: Why do horses wearing metal shoes usually have hooves which are unnaturally long?

…as well as all our regular features and 4 HOOF BOOT COMPETITIONS inside Issue 39!

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