Proud to announce we are the new Leg Up For Talent Sponsors for Katy & Wiz!

We are proud to announce that we are the new LegUpforTalent Sponsor for up and coming equine star Katy Perry and her barefoot horse Wizzard. Katy & Wiz

, with our support will be able to afford to train more regularly in the pursuit of their goals in equestrian competition…flying the flag for barefoot!

The Leg Up For Talent Program selects dedicated riders who would otherwise struggle to gain sponsorship.

Founder & creator Diane Anselm says, “traditionally, sponsorship is available only to a limited few professionals at the top of our sport, who are able to provide sufficient media exposure to satisfy sponsorship investment. Even at this level, due to the restrictive coverage of the mainstream media, sponsorship has never been in line with the phenomenal achievements of our top riders. At grassroots level

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, sponsorship is even more difficult to secure, being mainly based on the generosity and good will of companies or passionate individuals. Yet, it is particularly at this level that funding is essential if the early interest of young talent is to be embraced and ability nurtured; so that with continued commitment, passion and ambition they can one day represent their country.”

The Barefoot Horse Magazine are therefore extremely excited to be a sponsor for Katy & Wiz and you will be able to read updates on how she is getting on in future issues of the magazine from Issue 20 onwards, when we’ll properly introduce the pair of them to you all.

Katy said, “being selected to be in the Leg Up For Talent Program was amazing.
It gives normal grassroots riders the chance to work towards their Equestrian goals. Instead of just the elite riders gaining sponsorship, it is given to a normal person who would really benefit from the help.”

Well we are with you Katy & Wiz, bring on the good times ahead!

Here’s the full video on You Tube to properly introduce you all to Katy & Wiz, our Leg Up For Talent stars!

Good luck Katy & Wiz, the BHM community are right behind you!

Anything & everything is possible with your barefoot horse!

Happy barefoot competing!

The BHM Team

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