Send us the story of your Barefoot Journey

  • How did you and your horse become barefoot?
  • Have you always been barefoot?
  • Do you compete barefoot or happy to hack (or trail) about?
  • Was one of your horses suffering from awful foot problems, lameness problems – laminitis?
  • Do you now or did you ever use boots?

These questions and many more like them are the kinds of things that readers of the BHM want to know about. Some people who read our magazine will be very new to barefoot and Natural Horse Care and reading articles from other like-minded owners like you is just what will really engage them.

Don’t be shy…even if you think your story isn’t that exciting we can guarantee it probably is!

If you can provide some good quality photos, the bigger the file the better for it to look awesome in the printed mag, then send them to us via email or through any of the free online file transfer sites.

You can send your story to us all kinds of ways – email, Facebook PM, through our Contact Us form…come on there’s no excuse is there…you don’t have to be Jilly Cooper – just start writing some notes and see where it takes you!

It will give you a bit of a buzz when you see your story in print – believe us!