Top 15 reasons why horse owners take their horses barefoot

1. Horse had been having recurring lameness issues in shoes, wanted to see if barefoot would help

2. Horse hated being shod, often had to be sedated for the farrier or wouldn’t let the farrier near them

3. Horse’s feet were falling apart in shoes…kept losing shoes

4. Remedial shoeing wasn’t working, barefoot was a last resort

5. Horse was barefoot on hinds & coped well, feet looked amazing, wanted to go barefoot on fronts

6. Owner just didn’t like the idea anymore of hammering nails into their horse’s feet

7. Friend had gone barefoot & their horse was doing really well

8. Wider choice of hoof boots now available

9. For economical reasons, barefoot was far cheaper

10. Horse had laminitis/navicular & told would have to be put to sleep

11. Horse was continually tripping in shoes

12. Horse had been retired, so shoes removed, then found horse was going really well barefoot

13. Horse was out of work, owner wanted to give the feet a rest from shoes, hooves began to improve

14. Had read/heard about how much healthier it was for horses to go barefoot

, so wanted to give it a go

15. Owner shocked at the negative changes in their horse’s feet with continual shoeing eg, hoof/frog health, contraction, shoe sizes getting smaller

It’s just a no brainer really! Never has it been a better time to take your horse barefoot!

The education, proof, information & support is out there!

Barefoot is proving to be healthier

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