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Some of the features inside:

  • COVER STARS: Milly’s Story, A Rare Beauty – Nicola Cocorocchio — Nicola was devastated when Milly was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2018, but it didn’t stop them from enjoying each other’s company, deepening their bond and making the most of their time together!
  • Top 10 Natural Horse Care Tips & Tricks – Megan Gesell — helping you keep your horse as healthy as possible
  • The Importance of a Healthy Gut – Sharon Bronsveld — No Gut, No Horse! 50 years ago we started to change the way we feed our horses. Because of this, more and more horses nowadays have metabolic disorders due to a disturbed hindgut. Sharon duscusses how we can help prevent and deal with this
  • Building a Track System – PB Barefoot Rehab and Retirement Paddock Paradise Livery — A tried-and-tested step-by-step guide to building your own track, from the ground up
  • The Triad of Horsemanship Part 2 – Sur Wright — Since 2007, Sue has been helping people open up and connect with their horses through The Triad of Horsemanship – body, mind and soul. In the second part of this series, Sue takes a more in depth look into each part, and explains how we can incorporate them into our horse care and training models
  • 3 Day NHC Workshop in Reykjavik, Iceland – Louise Bach-Holler — Louise, a Danish trimmer, traveled to Iceland to give a workshop to owners struggling to maintain their horses’ hooves, after hearing their pleas for a better understanding of natural hoof care
  • Spicy Spearmint – Mary-Anne Punnett — telling us all about this amazing herb, and how we can use it to give our horses the extra boost they need
  • Information Overload – Lesley Taylor-Brett — Lesley, from BALANCE Saddles, discusses how the huge amounts of information surrounding saddling and shoeing can be a nightmare to wade through, but keeping the welfare of our horses in mind is always the best way to start…
  • Emotional Intelligence, the Nature of Leadership – Kerry M Thomas — Aligning the natural horse with the domesticated world is a tricky task, but one that Kerry Thomas has been undertaking for many years. Through his pioneering work into Herd Dynamics, he has been able to bring to light many of the unknown factors that should be taken into account when breeding, rearing, and working horses
  • Horse Track System – Amy Dell — founder of Abbotts View Livery, Amy has been keeping horses naturally since 2016… since then her track livery has taken off and become so successful that she’s decided to write a book, so anyone can learn to reap the benefits of a track system
  • Understanding Poor Posture in the Horse – Jenny Adamson — Equine Vet Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Spinal Manipulation Therapist and RAMP and IRVAP member has been working with horses professionally for over 10 years; she’s here to tell us all about making sure your horses keep good posture — nobdy likes a bad back!
  • Hoof Boot News – Hoof Bootique — A fab review of the Floating Boot Mini, as well as a look at 24/7 boot use, and boots for tiny hooves!
  • Trimmer’s Tips – Hoofing Marvellous — Is the Grass You Feed Your Horse Really ‘Free’? Is it worth the risk

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